As the European Union moves forward with formulating the European Green Deal, including a 2050 decarbonisation target, related reviews, ambition increases and updates of the 2030 National energy and climate plans (NECPs) are underway in EU countries. Greece is no exception as it moves ahead with its design and implementation of corresponding policies and measures.

However, these policies must promote a “just transition” and be socially accepted in order to be effective and robust. Ideally, citizens should take part in the selection of these policies, by being informed and expressing their preferences on the available options.

The PARIS REINFORCE project, along with the Hellenic Society for the Environment and Culture and the Convergences Greece Forum, co-organise a national stakeholder workshop on climate change, energy and the national context, aiming to explore the available alternatives, on Tuesday, January 28, 2020, while giving the opportunity to stakeholders from industry, government and the civil society to get informed, discuss, raise concerns and help decide the way forward.

INZEB is contributing to the workshop with a presentation at the thematic session “Sustainable Energy Design – Technologies and Policies”. 

The workshop’s agenda is available here. Interested parties may register for their participation to the workshop here (in Greek).

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