ONLINE EVENT: “I am Saving- I am getting Autonomous 2020”

INZEB will be part of the online event “I am Saving- I am getting Autonomous 2020”, which is organised by the Technical Chamber of Greece – Regional Department of Aitoloakarnania and will take place on Friday Dec. 4th 2020, at 19.00.

19:00 – 19: 15 “ European Green Deal and the Renovation Wave” , Alice Corovessi, Managing Director of ΙΝΖΕΒ

19:15-19:30 “Eksoikonomo – Autonomo: Differences of the programme from the previous cycles of EKO ΙΙ”,  Vaetsi Chryssoula, Dr. Civil Engineer AUTH, KENAK TEE Support Office»

19:30 – 19: 45 Presentation of the new financial instrument “I am Saving- I am getting Autonomous 2020”, Antonis Marinos, Dipl. El. & Computer Engineer, ΜΒΑ, PMP©  Head of Office, Secretariat General for Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Environment and Energy

19:45 -20:45 Discussion – Questions

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