INZEB is invited to participate at the 8th Regional Growth Conference, taking place at the premises of Achaia Clauss in Patras, Greece on 2-4 July 2020. Specifically INZEB will contribute to the thematic session Social Innovation, Regional Development and Energy Communities, scheduled for Saturday 4 July 2020, at 14.00.

The session’s focus is the Energy Communities model, which is considered a strategic tool for the transition to a democratic, decentralised and sustainable energy system, in which the participation of citizens, local businesses and local actors will be immediate. That is why energy communities play a central role in EU policies, such as the “Clean Energy Package for all Europeans” and the “Green Deal”, as well as in national strategies such as the updated National Energy and Climate Plan.

The discussion, moderated by Matroni Dikaiakou, will join: Maria Spyraki, MEPDimitris Tsalemis, Directorate General Energy, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Charalampos Malamatenios, CRES, Alice Corovessi, INZEB, Dimitris Kitsikopoulos, Electra Energy, Vasileios Giannakopoulos, Region of West Greece . Short intervention will be made by Lampros Dimitrogiannis, Deputy Governor of Energy and Dirk Vansintjan,, the European federation of citizen energy cooperatives.

The Regional Growth Conference (RGC) is being successfully organized since 2013 and it aspires to create a public dialogue between national and regional government, academic communities and private companies, who all need to work together and integrate best cases and regional development policies promoted by European institutions and institutions.



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