ENACT, in one of its latest articles, presented the results of the survey conducted by INZEB and Heinrich Böll Stiftung Greece, to 691 households across Greece’s diverse climatic, geographical and economic zones, which indicated that a new plan is required for tackling energy poverty in Greece.

Public awareness, energy efficiency and uptake of renewable energy: prioritising action in these three areas is key to a new ‘Energy Poverty Action Plan’ for Greece.

The results of this survey released the public’s views on energy poverty, energy costs in proportion to their income, and their view on how often they experience “thermal discomfort”.

Which are the thoughts of the Greek people regarding the impacts of energy poverty? Find all the stats and graphs accompanied by all the useful information about the aforementioned issues in the publication of ENACT  here

Furthermore, according to the experts, urgent action must be taken in the following 3 key areas, for reducing energy poverty in Greece by 75% by 2030: boosting energy literacy, improving access to financing, and ensuring a clean energy transition is also just. Detailed information on how the recommended by the experts policy and social action can be implemented, is available here





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