The Renovate Europe Day 2020 of the Renovate Europe Campaign is completed. INZEB as a National Partner of the Renovate Europe Campaign, participated in RED2020 with the event “Smart and Energy Efficient Buildings”, which took place online on October 29, 2020. A short report of the Greek National REDay2020 event is now available on the REC website. In addition, the video statements of 4 of the event’s speakers regarding the smart and energy efficient buildings in Europe, in Greece and their relation with the Renovation Wave, are also available.

Available you may find the videos of the below speakers:

  • Mrs Maria Spyraki, “Perspectives for smart and energy-efficient buildings in Europe”
  • Mr. Dimitris Athanasiou, “The EU framework for smart and energy-efficient buildings
  • Prof. Agis Papadopoulos,  “Technology developments in the field of smart and efficient buildings”
  • Dr. Haris Doukas,  “Modular Big Data Applications for Holistic Energy Services in Buildings”


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