A series of online events throughout November starting on November 6 on Climate Justice and Social Change. INZEB will be part of this first event, reprented by Alice Corovessi who will speak about Energy Justice through the prism of energy poverty. Below you may find the program in detail.

What is the green response to the multifaceted crisis we are experiencing? What are the answers in the coronavirus era? What alternatives are there in terms of health and nutrition? To what extent are the rights of citizens and democracy threatened? How close to war do the mining competitions in the Eastern Mediterranean bring us? Is there room for a green economy and social change in the coronavirus era? How do we ensure climate justice and protection of the planetary future? These questions are strongly highlighted in the current context. Society, environment and health in crisis. Do we have a choice?

Seeking answers to the above questions, the 10th GreenWave Festival -anniversary and online- organized by the Ecological Movement of Thessaloniki with the support of the Heinrich Böll Foundation Thessaloniki Office, invites you to a series of open events-discussions, on facebook and on youtube, around four axes.


1. Climate justice and social change ǀ Friday 6.11.2020, 19:00-21:00

  • Perspectives on the climate crisis and social change
    Brian Tokar, keynote speaker, author of Toward Climate Justice
  • Climate justice: the role of citizens in the energy transition
    Dimitris Ibrahim, WWF Climate and Energy Policy Officer
  • Criticality of political decisions and the role of movements
    Elisabeth Fasoula, member of the Fridays For Future Thessaloniki movement
  • Energy Justice through the prism of energy poverty
    Alice Corovessi, Managing Director INZEB 
The event will be held with simultaneous Greek-English interpretation.

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