INZEB and MentalityX join forces, in an especially interesting collaboration, with a common point of reference the Hellenic-Dutch Association (HeDA), of which they are both members.

Dimitrios Katsouris, Founder & CEO of MentalityX, spoke to us about this new partnership. «There is a new industrial revolution, a new economy, powered by sustainability, electrification and digitalisation. The transformation of the energy sector through the deployment of more sustainable energy systems, cutting-edge technologies and innovations will substantially alter the way people live, consume, produce and trade. At MentalityX we believe technology will play an ever-increasing role in the creation of new nature-positive innovations and solutions. That is why we have made Clean Technologies (CleanTech) a core part of our mission. Our partnership with INZEB gives us the opportunity to merge their significant know-how and network on energy saving in the building sector and environment with our technology and startup teams to work together on sustainable technologies and innovative solutions. This partnership brings together a vast international network of industry leaders in the energy sector from different fields, incl. Universities, R&D Programs etc., with ambitious entrepreneurs and startups. A collaboration that we strongly believe will foster nature-first, entrepreneurial lead technological solutions that will partner with natural ecosystems in driving positive sustainable transformation.»

Alice Corovessi, Managing Director of INZEB, shared with us her excitement for this partnership and its evolving perspective as INZEB seeks to identify innovative approaches that enable it to remain at the forefront of energy efficiency trends in the construction and environmental sector. «The partnership with MentalityX is an efficient way to bolster our active participation in the fast-growing and transforming energy sector with the valuable contribution of the entrepreneurial culture and the growing opportunities of technological innovation. This collaboration aligns us with a leading venture building team with proven success that will support our broader environmental strategy and create compelling and sustainable value for our network and our mutual interests.»

This collaboration is also published in the winter newsletter of the Hellenic-Dutch Association.

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