INZEB and GIZ are organising on Thursday, October 21st 2021 at 14.00(Athens time), the online event National Recovery and Resilience Plan: Investing in Building Renovation for a Climate Neutral Future. Supporting Partners of the event are the H2020 projects iBRoad2EPC and Triple-A as well as the Build Back Better Greece initiative, while the event is organised within the frame of the Renovate Europe Day 2021.

The event aims to highlight the importance of building renovation to achieving the EU’s long-term objective of a climate-neutral economy by 2050. Attention will be given to elements that can support the EU objective through the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The event will be held in Greek!

Specifically, the online event will discuss:

  • Opportunities and challenges for the implementation of the investments in building renovation foreseen under the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.
  • Long-term strategies and targets for building renovation in Greece.
  • New requirements for building renovation at EU level under the “Fit-for-55” legislative package.
  • EU Taxonomy on Sustainable Financing as a means to define sustainable investments according to higher energy savings criteria.
  • Building Renovation Passports as an instrument for holistic, staged deep renovations working towards the avoidance of renovation lock-in effects.
  • One Stop Shops as a mechanism helping regional and local authorities to roll out appropriate renovation schemes and monitor and measure the renovation performances.


14.00 Welcome and event introduction
Alice Corovessi, INZEB and Ulrich Laumanns, GIZ
Adrian Joyce, Renovate Europe Campaign Director 
14.15 Session I: EU and National Policies for Building Renovation

o   Keynote: Alexandra Sdoukou, General Secretary for Energy and Mineral Resources, Ministry of Environment and Energy 

o   National Recovery and Resilience Plan of Greece
Nikos Mantzoufas, Governor, Recovery and Resilience Agency (tbc)

o   Long Term Renovation Strategy and National Energy & Climate Plan
Vicky Sita, Director for Energy Policy and Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Environment and Energy

o   Fit-for-55 – The EU framework for the Greek climate and energy targets
Nikolaos Kontinakis, European Commission 

Session Moderator: Alice Corovessi, INZEB

15.00 Discussion – Q&A Session


Session II: Panel Discussion on Investments in Building Renovation

o   EU Taxonomy on Sustainable Financing
Dr Chara Karakosta, Triple-A project coordinator, NTUA
Panagiotis Habesis, Head of Sustainability Unit, Hellenic Bank Association

o   Building Renovation Passports
Alexander Deliyannis, iBRoad2EPC coordinator, Sympraxis Team

o   One Stop Shops and the role of ESCOs
Dimitris Kollias, Development Manager, Greenesco Energy S.A, member
company of Public Power Corporation and Attica Finance

o   Investing in Green Buildings
Alex Galatoulas, MEng, MSc, CPHD, LFA – Technical Advisor Member of Living Future Europe

Session Moderator: Alice Corovessi, INZEB

16.00 Q&A Session
16.15 Closing Remarks

Alice Corovessi, INZEB

16.30 End of Event


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