INZEB – Institute of Zero Energy Buildings started its operation in January 2014. From the first year of its activity, it represents the Renovate Greece Campaign as the National Supporting Partner, having participated, organized and presented various activities all over Greece.  After three years of constructive cooperation with the Renovate Europe Campaign team, both at central level (EU) and in cooperation with other countries that support and represent the Campaign as National Partners, as a means of  communication and dissemination of the objectives and aims of the Renovate Europe, with emphasis in Greece, which is none other than to increase the proportion of energy retrofits of the existing building stock. This increase is possible by changing the legal framework and strengthening / widening financial tools.

Through Renovate Greece we will seek, in cooperation with all interested parties (Universities, Municipalities, Scientific Institutions and Chambers, Associations of Professionals and Companies), to achieve at a national level, the increase of the investments related to energy retrofits and to establish and achieve goals which are related to energy upgrade of the National – public and private – existing building stock. At the same time and through awareness actions, we focus on the minimization of the doubts that property owners have regarding the benefits of energy retrofits.


About INZEB Marketing Team