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Energy transition in Europe:
The future of energy efficiency policies at stake



On 26 June 2017, energy ministers of the European Union will meet to agree on a general approach for the first batch of the ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans package’, a set of legal tools which will set Europe’s next steps in achieving its energy transition.

Energy efficiency policies are the cornerstone of this package. They are the basis upon which the EU can modernise its energy system and address the climate change challenge.

By committing to 2030 energy efficiency targets aligned with the cost-effective energy savings potentials, and continuing the delivery of efficiency improvements through legislative tools, ministers have the chance to set the scene for a Clean Energy Package which delivers benefits for the economy, people and the environment, and places the EU at the forefront of the energy transition.

However, the undersigned organisations are concerned about the growing discrepancy between the expectations of businesses, environmental NGOs, consumer associations, trade unions, cooperatives and local authorities, and the ambition currently examined by the EU Member States.

The full statement is available here: 12.06.2017_STATEMENT on EED ahead of 2606 Council

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