INZEB – Institute of Zero Energy Buildings, serves as an aggregator, operator, documenter and disseminator of knowledge and expertise on issues related to energy saving in the building sector. The aim of INZEB is to serve as a platform for two-way communication and close dissemination of knowledge, contributing to research, adaptation, adoption and widespread construction standards with the aim of reducing the energy consumption and emissions of “greenhouse gas” pollutants.

The fundamental aim of INZEB is the study, evaluation, training, coordination and promotion of practices, standards, and actions which relate to the concept of “zero energy buildings” exclusively in areas with a prevailing warm climate; such as the countries of the Mediterranean.

The core element of the Institution consists of continual research on issues regarding the conservation of energy in the building sector. For that reason, the INZEB has developed partnerships with the academic community as well as with individual research and development bodies operating in the wider sphere of energy conservation construction. The effort is based on the encouragement and support of the production sector through research, documentation, and implementation of plans and programs which lead to the conservation of energy as well as the provision of technical support and consultation services.

The target of INZEB is to compose a community of people who share the same passion for “building rationalization” attracting creative minds, people with positive thoughts, love of research and experimentation but at the same time people of the market and building sites. To attract people who approach the situation from a different perspective and know that they can trigger the changes in the building sector.

By sharing our knowledge we can achieve multiple successes!